With our expert engineer staff, we analyze the needs of our business partners correctly and produce projects that fully meet all demands, and we become the "solution itself", not the solution partner.

Poka-Yoke Systems

It is possible with Poka-Yoke systems to prevent, correct or eliminate the pre-occurrence of human factor errors that may occur during the production phase. The system designed by Q4Tech ensures that the quality costs are reduced by obtaining a flawless and perfect product at once during the production process.

Automation Projects

With the right analysis of customer needs, purpose-oriented, programmable control systems (PLC) and user-friendly interface (HMI) infrastructure are put into use with a correct operating system thanks to software.


The system includes various projects that save operator commitment, increase productivity by automating routine works, ensure standardization, prevent errors, and manage deviations. It consists of robot-assisted or robot-free automation projects in areas such as welding, assembly, processing, packaging, handling, quality control, shipping, product feeding, etc.

Paint Shop / Factory System Installations

Q4Tech, with its knowledge and experience, uses the latest technology in the design and installation of Ktl, Powder Coating and Wet Coating facilities, allowing the user to benefit from their machines at maximum capacity.


From designing the layout plans of factories and paint shops to determining equipment needs; all processes up to the assembly and commissioning of the prepared layout plans are managed as a turnkey project when necessary, with competent personnel and engineering infrastructure.

Conveyor / Transfer Systems Design and Installation

The needs of each sector and industry are different. In this direction, the analysis of the needs should be done correctly and the design should be shaped accordingly. Here, it is aimed to make the special conveyor designs between the machines correctly and to increase the efficiency of all devices at the maximum level with appropriate installations.


It covers all processes from the design, assembly and commissioning of belt, roller, pallet conveyor lines to be used in mass production lines, packaging lines, product feedings to shipping warehouses, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished product shipments.

Welded Production Cells (Robotic/Automated)

Gas metal arc welding systems (MIG/MAG), projection welding systems, spot welding systems are designed with robot or automation according to the needs and the product and adapted to the production infrastructure in an integrated (whole) manner.

Applied Training Services

Hands-on training services are provided to the relevant personnel on the issues such as welding, quality control, 3D design, PLC programming, failure analysis etc. produced and put into service by Q4Tech or different companies. and sufficient dominance of the team on the entire system is ensured.

Consulting / Engineering Services

In addition to consultancy and improvement works on the current project, engineering studies are carried out when necessary.

From the very beginning of the process, our expert team (Welding, Paint, Ktl, Automation, Machine design) ensures the design of the system or consultancy services are provided during the design phase.

Design & Manufacturing Services

Q4Tech produces professional solutions for all engineering and design demands of the customer (apparatus, fixtures, parts, 3D design for components, design verification, product tree creation, material selections and machining processes); it continues all the works that it carries out meticulously before the design with great care during the projecting and production phases. In addition, it continues its after-sales technical support and consultancy activities.

Outsourced Maintenance Services

Detection of malfunctions of mechanical, electrical, facility, mold/apparatus and automation projects that cannot be done due to insufficient resources, competence problems or time constraints within the enterprises covers the entire services of fulfilling temporary and permanent solutions, creating projects for improvement works.

Özel Tasarım Makine / Sistem Üretimleri

In the required areas; the whole of the design, design verification, manufacturing processes of specially designed machines according to the customer requests and specifications such as pressing, welding, machining, assembly, packaging, etc.


  • Labelling
  • Packaging
  • Welding
  • Extracting / transferring
  • Small assembly presses
  • Transfer / conveyor systems
  • Transport / forwarding equipment and machinery
  • Special machines integrated with assembly / welding apparatus and fixtures

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